Kia Tigers vs SSG Landers 4/18/24 Pick and Preview




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Kia is going to visit Incheon SSG Landers Field to face off against the SSG Landers team. The Kia Tigers vs SSG Landers 4/18/24 team is taking place at 5:30 AM EST. However, the game is set to be broadcast on KBS N Sports.

Kia Tigers vs SSG Landers 4/18/24

Kia Tigers Preview

Kia is coming in after getting a very impressive win over the Landers team. The win for the Tigers came by a score of 11-3 on the day. The Tigers are still sitting in first place in the KBO standings after the win. The victory allowed the Kia team to improve to a record of 15-5 on the year.

Yoon Young-check is the starter who is coming in for his 4th start on the year. Young-cheol has posted a 2-0 record with a 3.07 ERA and a 1.36 WHIP. He has thrown a total of only 14 2/3 innings and allowed 6 runs and 12 hits. Still, he has ended up striking out 13 batters and walked only 8 on the year.. The Tigers are coming into the game here with the best pitching staff in the KBO with a 2.99 ERA. The Tigers have allowed only 168 hits with 13 homers. The opponents are hitting at a clip of only .245 with a 1.39 WHIP on the year so far.

Kia is the best hitting team in the KBO with a .302 average and have ended up scoring 118 runs. The Tigers have managed to get 210 hits with 46 doubles, 3 triples, and 22 homers. The Tigers have managed to steal 27 bases on the season, but have been caught stealing 8 times.

SSG Landers Preview

SSG is heading to this game after the loss sitting in 4th place in the KBO standings. SSG has not looked overly impressive on the year overall either and is way off of their normal game. Landers is coming in with a record of 13-9 on the year, which should help SSG out to a point.

Robert Dugger is the starter heading to the mound in this game for his 5th start. Robert Dugger has been horrible this year with an 0-3 record and a 14.40 ERA and a 2.27 WHIP. He has only managed to get 15 innings thrown this year with 25 runs allowed, 25 hits and 2 homers. Dugger has struck out 13 batters and walked only 9. SSG on the year has been off on the team pitching with a team ERA of 5.16 on the season. The Landers club has allowed 205 hits with 30 homers given up. The opponents are hitting at a clip of .268 on the season with a team WHIP of 1.52.

Landers has been having an off year hitting as well with a .275 average and only 112 runs scored. Landers has managed to get a total of 212 hits with 26 doubles, no triples, but have cranked out 28 homers. SSG has ended up getting 19 steals, but has been thrown out 9 in tries.

Kia Tigers vs SSG Landers 4/18/24 Pick: Kia Tigers

How can you go against the best hitting team in the KBO facing a pitcher that cannot get their ERA under 14? Well, I am waiting to hear, but for me I am not going to go against the Tigers here. I think the Tigers will be able to get an early start in the game and run Dugger out of the game and then once the lead is established be able to continue to build upon it.

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