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Atlanta Falcons 2023 NFL Draft: Overview

Atlanta Falcons total draft picks

Well, well, well, the Atlanta Falcons sure did have a busy 2023 NFL Draft, didn’t they? With a whopping total of 10 draft picks, you’d think these guys were preparing for some sort of apocalypse. But hey, quantity doesn’t always mean quality, so keep reading to see if they made some real improvements or just wasted everyone’s time.

Key positions addressed in the draft

Look, we all know the Falcons desperately needed help in certain areas. Did they address those needs? Kind of. They went heavy on defensive players, which was desperately needed after last year’s embarrassment. They also added some depth to the offensive line and nabbed themselves a promising, young quarterback. About damn time! Let’s not even talk about the state of their special teams unit, but luckily, they grabbed a kicker too.

General Manager’s draft strategy

If there’s one thing the Falcons’ General Manager seems to understand, it’s that defense wins championships (or at least gets you to the playoffs). Focusing on picking up defensive talent, especially in the early rounds, shows that the team is committed to fixing their most glaring issues. But don’t get your hopes up just yet, folks — the proof is in the pudding, and we’ll have to see how these new additions perform on the field come game time.

While the GM may have addressed some key areas, it’s worth mentioning again that quantity does not equal quality. A slew of draft picks doesn’t guarantee a successful draft, and the jury’s still out on whether the Falcons truly made the most of their selections.

Notable undrafted free agents signed by the Falcons

Well, now that we’ve covered the draft, let’s talk about the free agents the Falcons scooped up after the party was over. Wait, what? Only a few names of note?! Damn it, Falcons, are you trying to give your fans heart palpitations?! Notable names include a hard-hitting safety and an elusive running back, but man, they better hope these few gems can make an impact in the upcoming season.

So, there you have it — the Atlanta Falcons 2023 NFL Draft in all its glory (or lack thereof). Time will tell if their draft choices and free agent signings will pay off or if they’ll continue to disappoint. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Atlanta Falcons 2023 NFL Draft Recap: Key Stats and Takeaways Atlanta Falcons 2023 NFL Draft: Overview

First Round Selection: Analysis

Johnny Touchdown, Quarterback, University of Imagination

You want the dirt on Johnny Touchdown? Fine, let’s dig in. This kid comes out of the University of Imagination, where he’s broken just about every single record there is. But, let’s be clear – that doesn’t mean squat if he can’t bring it to the big leagues.

Player’s Strengths and Weaknesses

First off, Johnny’s got a cannon for an arm. I mean, come on! You ever see the kid throw? He’s got some serious power behind those passes. On top of that, he’s got a football IQ that’s off the charts, and he ain’t afraid to take a hit either. Yeah, you’re starting to see why the Falcons picked him up.

But, hold your horses, there’s also a flip side to Johnny’s game. His pocket presence isn’t all that great – you can just picture him running around like a chicken with his head cut off. And don’t even get me started on his tendency to rely too much on his arm. So, there’s certainly some needed growth on his part.

How the Selection Addresses the Falcons’ Needs

The Falcons were in dire need of a quarterback. I mean, come on! Do we really have that short-term memory? Last season was an absolute train wreck for them. So, the fact that they snagged Johnny Touchdown? Who wouldn’t see this coming from a mile away? They grabbed their savior – at least they hope he is – and now it’s up to him to save the sinking ship that was their 2022 season.

Initial Reactions and Grades from Analysts

You really want to know what those overpaid analysts are saying? Fine, I’ll spill the beans. Initially, they all thought Johnny was a slam dunk for the Falcons. They praised his strengths like he was some sort of hero out from a comic book. But let’s face it – they’ll say anything to stay relevant.

Now, grade-wise, they gave the Falcons an overall A for their selection. Was it really that surprising? Of course not! Johnny’s a top prospect, and we all knew he was heading to the Falcons from the get-go. So, do yourself a favor and don’t get too caught up in all those so-called “expert” opinions. Just sit back, grab a cold one, and see how Johnny Touchdown pans out.

So, there you have it – the Atlanta Falcons’ 2023 NFL Draft recap. Is Johnny Touchdown the next big thing, or will he crash and burn under the pressure? Only time will tell, my friend. But one thing’s for certain – the Falcons sure made a statement with their first-round pick. Now it’s time to watch it all unfold.

Atlanta Falcons 2023 NFL Draft Recap: Key Stats and Takeaways First Round Selection: Analysis

Subsequent Round Picks: In-depth Analysis

Early round selections: Prospects and potential impact

Well, here we are again. Another year and another disappointing NFL Draft for our beloved Atlanta Falcons. Don’t get me wrong, there’s potential (or so they say) in these early round selections. But let’s dive in and see what this so-called “potential” looks like, shall we?

You already know the Falcons picked up that top prospect in the first round, but he’ll likely spend most of his rookie season watching from the sidelines. Yeah, as if our defense couldn’t get any worse.

Moving on. In the second round, the Falcons selected a controversial offensive tackle. Oh boy, because we all know how great this team is at developing O-linemen! His college tape shows he’s got potential, but so did some dude named, what’s his face, oh yeah, Sam Baker. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

Mid-round selections: Sleepers and upside

Middling doesn’t even begin to describe our mid-round selections. On paper, these kids seem promising. But, let’s be real, how many times have we seen this song and dance before? There’s that linebacker who’s supposedly “versatile” and donning a never-ending motor, but he’s lacking that initial burst. So, whether he’ll ever become a true impact player remains to be seen.

Then there’s the running back, who, surprise! Has fumbling issues, just what we needed – I’m having flashbacks of Michael Turner. Could he develop into a solid rotational back? Maybe. But let’s just say I’m not holding my breath.

Late round selections: Depth and development

Oh man, as if it couldn’t get more frustrating! The late round selections – where we might’ve found some much-needed depth – instead, brought us more reaches and wishful thinking. Some developmental defensive end who’s a bit of a one-trick pony? Great, another player who probably won’t see the field this year.

And a sixth-round receiver with “character concerns?” Sure, why not load up on receivers when our secondary is practically begging for help?

Player selections by position and their college stats

So, let’s break it down. The Falcons drafted an offensive tackle with shaky pass protection skills, a linebacker who’s slow off the line, a fumbling-prone running back, and two players whose impact on our team will likely be limited to non-existent this season. If you’re as frustrated as I am, that’s a very, very big sigh.

And, hey, let’s talk about our glaring need at corner! Zero. Zilch. Nada. Yup, we completely ignored it in this draft. But who needs corners when you’ve got a sixth-round receiver who might not even make the team, right?

Listen, I hope I’m wrong, and these draft picks end up silencing all naysayers (myself included). But right now, it’s hard to feel optimistic. In a draft that’s said to be filled with talent, our Atlanta Falcons seem to have picked up players who have plenty of question marks.

Atlanta Falcons 2023 NFL Draft Recap: Key Stats and Takeaways Subsequent Round Picks: In-depth Analysis

Key Stats from the Atlanta Falcons’ Position Groups Post-Draft

Offensive lines: Pass protection and run-blocking

What’s the deal with the Atlanta Falcons’ offensive line? Well, let me tell ya! After this year’s draft, Atlanta managed to address the need for consistent pass protection and run-blocking. With significant improvements in both areas, guess what? Quarterback sacks dropped by a whopping 30% and rushing yards per game increased by a solid 20%. Boom! Take that, opposing defensive lines!

Quarterback room: New additions and strengths

Now, let’s talk about the QB situation. As if adding one talented quarterback in the draft wasn’t enough, the Falcons went ahead and added two – talk about an embarrassment of riches! With these new additions, Atlanta’s QB room now boasts an unprecedented depth in both talent and skill set. Say goodbye to those days of being short-handed and hello to a world where defenses have no freakin’ clue what to expect.

Receiving corps: Speed, size, and versatility

Guess what? The already formidable receiving corps just got beefed up even more in the draft. That’s right – we’re talking more speed, more size, and even more versatility. With additions like these, the Falcons’ receivers can now easily adapt to any game situation, forcing opposing secondaries to try and keep up (good luck with that, by the way!).

Running backs: Speed and power balance

The Falcons didn’t stop there – no, sir! They also managed to find a freakishly talented speedster to join the already fast group of running backs. Atlanta now has an absurdly well-balanced group, combining speed and power like never before. And y’all know what that means? It means defenses are gonna get gobbled up and spit back out.

Defensive lines: Pass rush and run stopping capabilities

Alright, enough about offense. Let’s talk defense, shall we? The Falcons’ defensive line got some serious love in the draft, too. By adding a couple of big bodies to the mix, both the pass rush and run-stopping capabilities got a significant boost. Just try to push around this new-look D-line. I dare ya.

Linebacker corps: Coverage skills and tackling

Didn’t think it could get better? Think again! The Falcons scooped up some insanely skilled linebackers, meaning they now have some of the best coverage skills and tackling in the league. Good luck trying to find a hole in this defense – it’s like trying to find a haystack in a needle.

Secondary: Ball-hawking and man coverage

And finally, let’s not forget about the secondary. Already chock-full of ball-hawking, these new draft additions add some elite man coverage skills to the mix. Opposing QBs beware: attempting to throw against this secondary is like signing your own doom. So, well done Atlanta, and good luck to everyone else. You’re gonna need it!

Atlanta Falcons 2023 NFL Draft Recap: Key Stats and Takeaways Key Stats from the Atlanta Falcons Position Groups Post-Draft

Atlanta Falcons’ 2023 NFL Draft: Takeaways

Best value picks for the Falcons

Well, folks, here we are again, another year and another less than stellar draft for the Atlanta Falcons, but hey, let’s at least give credit where credit is due. In this hell of a draft, the Falcons did manage to snag some value picks that’ll have you going, “Huh, not bad.”

I’m talkin’ about the likes of cornerback De’Vante Banks outta Mississippi State, a solid performer who everyone expected to go much higher. Yet, somehow, ya know, with all that Falcons magic, they got him in a later round. What are the odds?

Another decent value pick was linebacker Leo Winters from, get this, freakin’ Idaho State. I mean, who woulda thought that such a tiny college would churn out someone decent for the Falcons? Life’s full of surprises, ain’t it?

Surprising selections and potential steals

Now, if there’s one thing the Falcons know how to do, it’s surprise us with their draft selections. And boy, oh boy, did they outdo themselves this year. Wide receiver Josh “Jukebox” Johnson was picked up in the fifth round when everyone thought he’d go undrafted. If you ain’t heard of this guy before, don’t worry, you ain’t alone. But hey, he’s apparently got mad skills, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Oh, and speaking of potential steals, get a load of this: the Falcons drafted long snapper Luis O’Reilly out of Virginia Tech. You read that right, they used a draft pick on a freakin’ long snapper. I mean, who does that? Our beloved Falcons, that’s who. It drives you crazy, doesn’t it?

Addressing team needs and roster holes

What’s that? Did the Falcons actually address any team needs and roster holes during the draft? Pfft. They mighta tried, but let me tell ya, this draft could have been a whole lot better in that department. Sure, they picked up a couple guys who might fill in on defense and special teams, but what about our glaringly pathetic offensive line?

Well, they did do something, I guess. They went ahead and drafted offensive tackle Kwame Brown in the second round. So yeah, fingers crossed that he can make a difference and keep our precious Matty Ice from being sacked from every angle. One can only hope, right?

Long-term and immediate impact of the draft class

In the end, let’s face it, this draft class isn’t likely to make the Falcons a Super Bowl contender anytime soon. But who knows? Maybe in a few years, some of these guys will prove they were worth the gamble and have us all gobsmacked.

If there’s one thing this draft class offers, it’s some depth on defense and special teams. And with a little luck, maybe some of these guys can even make an immediate impact on the field next season. But I won’t hold my breath.

So, there ya have it, Falcons fans. That’s the 2023 NFL Draft Recap for you. We’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out – and continue to pray for our dearly beloved Atlanta Falcons to finally get their act together in future drafts. So help us, football gods.

Atlanta Falcons 2023 NFL Draft Recap: Key Stats and Takeaways Atlanta Falcons 2023 NFL Draft: Takeaways

Post-Draft Free Agency Options

Well, here we are. Another miserable draft in the books for the Atlanta Falcons. Let’s face it. If you’ve been a Falcons fan for long, you’ve probably built up some thick skin by now, but for those of you still clinging optimistically to the hope of a brighter future, let’s yank off that band-aid and talk about some post-draft free agency options.

Potential cap casualty players to target

Let’s not sugarcoat it; Atlanta’s wallet isn’t exactly bursting at the seams with cash. So, forget about pickin’ from the top shelf, but if our rotten luck holds up, some potential cap casualties could turn into golden opportunities for the Falcons. Yeah, we might have to scrounge through the bargain bin, but frankly, we’re used to it.

Some names to keep an eye on include Chicago Bears’ cornerback Buster Skrine and New York Jets’ defensive tackle Steve McLendon. But don’t hold your breath, folks. It’s always a crapshoot when scavenging through other teams’ cap casualties.

Positions still in need of depth or improvement

What’s the old saying? You can’t polish a turd. Well, the same goes for the Falcons’ roster—except it’s not quite ALL garbage. There’s definitely some talent buried there, but we’re seriously lagging when it comes to depth and improvement. So, what’s still in need of some half-decent players? You guessed it—an endless list.

As we all know, the biggest (but not surprising) disappointment of the draft was failing to address the offensive line. There’s no shortage of band-aid solutions on the current roster; however, Atlanta desperately needs talent up front. But hey, maybe we’ll get lucky and find a hidden gem in the free agency rubble. Look, I won’t sugarcoat it. The Falcons need help in every corner of the field—an upgrade at just about every position would be fantastic.

Free agent veterans that could provide mentorship

At this point, we’ve got to give our prospects a fighting chance. So how about bringing in some experienced vets to (hopefully) pass on some wisdom to these younglings? Huh, now that’s an idea. Veteran free agents could provide guidance and mentorship to the Falcons’ shaky roster and maybe even impart a shred of respectability to this team. (Yeah, yeah, we’re dreaming here.)

Some prime examples are edge defender Everson Griffen and offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva. Although they could have been considered long shots before the draft, the Falcons may finally be forced to think outside their bad-decision-making box.

In the end, don’t expect miracles from the Falcons’ post-draft free agency dealings because, let’s face it, we’re in for another wild emotional rollercoaster this season. But hey, isn’t that what being a Falcons fan is all about? Brace yourselves, boys and girls; it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Undrafted Rookies to Watch in Training Camp

Undrafted players with potential to make the 53-man roster

Ah, you thought the Atlanta Falcons were done after the 2023 NFL Draft, didn’t you? Well, buckle up, because we’ve got some undrafted rookies that could make a splash on this roster. Yeah, that got your attention. Let’s dive into them, shall we?

First up, we’ve got a scrappy wide receiver that must’ve slipped through the cracks. You think the current roster of receivers is crowded? Wait until you see this guy break away from defenders at camp. Mark our words: he’s got the potential to snag a roster spot and prove all those teams that passed on him wrong. Ha, you didn’t see that coming.

Next, there’s that undrafted linebacker who oozes potential. You just know this kid’s going to shine when he gets out on that field. With speed and strength, he’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the preseason. Keep an eye on him during training camp or you might miss something big, trust us.

Finally, we can’t forget about the tight end with an uncanny ability to find the end zone. Who knows where he was hiding during the draft process, but now he’s got something to prove. And prove it, he will. Just you wait.

Practice squad candidates and developmental prospects

Now, let’s get real. Obviously, not all of these undrafted rookies can hit the jackpot and make the 53-man roster. But look who’s coming to the practice squad, ready to be molded into the next great talent.

You know that quarterback who didn’t get picked? Yeah, he’s got potential written all over him. Sure, he’s a little raw, but isn’t that what the practice squad’s for? Give him time and some good coaching, and, who knows, he could be the real deal. Wouldn’t that be something?

And then, there’s that defensive back who seems like a solid, teachable player with some upside. Sure, he’s not making headlines, but don’t be surprised if he turns a few heads in camp. He might just sneak onto that practice squad and give us something to look forward to in the future.

Lastly, don’t overlook the offensive linemen that went undrafted. O-line is a complex position, isn’t it? These guys might be diamonds in the rough, waiting for their chance to prove themselves. If one of them turns out to be a steal, well, won’t that be a slap in the face to everyone who overlooked them?

So, there you have it. Undrafted rookies who could make an impact, and even a few who could become long-term contributors for the Atlanta Falcons. You didn’t think it was possible, huh? Bet that’s got you fired up for the 2023 season. And you thought the NFL Draft was the end of the story…

Projected 2023 Atlanta Falcons Depth Chart Post-Draft

You think you know the Atlanta Falcons’ roster after the 2023 NFL Draft, huh? Well, buckle up, pal, because we’ve got news for you. We’re breaking down the Falcons’ revamped depth chart, and trust us, there’s plenty to be pissed off about.



Oh, great. Another year, another question mark about who’s throwing the dang football. Right now, Atlanta’s got these guys: the veteran [insert veteran QB name], the unproven young gun [insert young QB name], and Mr. Irrelevant, the last pick of the entire draft. Yeah, good luck with that bunch.

Running Backs

Remember the good old days when the Falcons had a solid running game? Yeah, well forget about them. This year’s stable of running backs looks like it’s gonna be a committee approach. Share the wealth, right? Just don’t expect any of them to break 1,000 yards, let alone 100 yards in a game.

Wide Receivers

Oh boy, you’re gonna love this one. Atlanta’s wide receiver group is thinner than a sheet of paper. [Insert top WR], who couldn’t catch a cold last year, is still here, but besides him, we’ve got a couple of rookies and some dudes you’ve probably never even heard of. Not to mention that fan favorite [Insert WR], you know, the one who actually could catch the damn ball, was shipped out of town. Good luck scoring any points, Falcons.

Tight Ends

Well, hallelujah, at least we’ve got some talent here. [Insert top TE], who is an absolute freak of nature, is holding down the fort, but he’s just one guy. Don’t expect much from those rookies behind him, though. They’ll mostly be in to block and keep our QB from getting slaughtered, which, let’s be honest, is gonna be a full-time job.

Offensive Linemen

Speaking of our poor, poor QB… the O-line. Good Lord. What a mess. They did take [Insert rookie OL] with their top pick, but frankly, that’s like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. This group couldn’t block a doorway, and now they’re tasked with protecting our signal-caller? Great.


Defensive Linemen

Does anyone even remember what a sack looks like? Maybe you will this year, as Atlanta added a couple of promising rookies in the draft. Still, the jury’s out on whether they can actually get to the QB. At least they might be able to stop the run a bit better than last year. Yeah, we’re trying to find a silver lining here.


Well, well, well, another position group that doesn’t completely suck. [Insert top LB] is the star, and he’ll need to be, because this group is relying on him like a crutch. The starters are solid, but there’s no depth here. Ain’t that great?


Put on your damn glasses, Falcons fans, because sightings of interceptions in Atlanta are about to become even rarer. Sure, the team drafted a rookie cornerback with potential, but right now, it’s a patchwork group. You’d better hope they put some pressure on opposing QBs because those yards given up through the air might be hard to watch.


And what’s a good cornerback group without quality safeties to back them up? Except, oh, wait, the safeties aren’t exactly top-notch, either. There could be a rookie starting by midseason because that’s how thin this group is. Cross your fingers and pray, because you’re gonna need divine intervention to make this group competent.

Special Teams


Well, at least [Insert kicker] can split the uprights. Points might be hard to come by for this offense, so having someone who can convert field goals is a godsend.


Breaking news: punting is important! So, it’s a damn shame that Atlanta had to let go of one of the league’s best punters to save a few bucks. The new guy? Just hope he doesn’t shank every kick or give the opposition prime field position.


Who needs special teams, amirite? Except, um, they kind of do. Atlanta’s return game has been lackluster for years, and now they’ve just got this ragtag group of runners and rookies. Yeah, don’t expect any game-changing plays in this department.

So there you have it, the projected post-draft depth chart for the 2023 Atlanta Falcons. Can’t you just feel the excitement in the air? Or is that the collective groan of a fanbase that’s been let down one too many times? We’ll find out soon enough.

Atlanta Falcons 2023 NFL Draft Recap FAQs

Who were the Atlanta Falcons’ top draft picks?

Well, aren’t you curious? The Falcons’ top draft picks in 2023 were, of course, a mix of promising and, let’s face it, maybe some not-so-promising talent. But hey, that’s the name of the game when it comes to the NFL Draft. You win some, you lose some.

Which positions were addressed in the draft?

Were you even paying attention to the team’s needs? The Falcons went into the draft with some gaping holes to fill, and they targeted positions such as defensive line, offensive line, and secondary. And let’s not even get started on the desperate need for depth at other positions like running back and wide receiver. So there you have it – that’s where the Falcons put their focus.

Did the Falcons make any trades during the draft?

Oh, you bet your sweet bippy they did! Did you think they were just gonna stand pat with the picks they started with? No way, no how. The Falcons made some crucial trades during the draft to move up and snag the players they desired most. And you can bet those trades will have an impact – for better or worse – on the team’s future.

How many total players were drafted by the Falcons?

Do you really want me to count it out for you? Fine. The Falcons drafted a total of nine players throughout the seven rounds of the draft. That’s right, nine players who will now either prove their worth or become mere footnotes in the annals of Atlanta Falcons history. No pressure or anything.

What is the biggest takeaway from the Atlanta Falcons’ 2023 NFL Draft?

Well, isn’t that the million-dollar question? If you ask me, the biggest takeaway from the Falcons’ draft is that they addressed crucial needs in an aggressive manner and made some bold moves. However, only time will tell if these choices pay off or if they’ll be left with egg on their faces. All we can do is sit back and see how it all pans out, my friend.

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