Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje – UFC 249 Fight Preview





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Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje – UFC 249 Fight Preview

In the opening PPV match for UFC 249 it will feature a couple of lightweight fighters. The battle will be one that is very interesting as it will pit a couple of fighters that are not prone to losing, but also have ended up ending most of their matches in a KO/TKO fashion. So that will definitely make for a very interesting fight here.

Tony Ferguson will be taking to the octagon for his first match since June 8, 2019. That win along with the 4 other ones before that were a win. The last fight for Ferguson ws against Donald Cerrone in what ended up being a TKO in the second round. With that win it pushed Ferguson to a 26-3 record, but in the KO/TKO bouts Ferguson is sitting at a 12-0 record.

Justin Gaethje is heading into the bout here at UFC 249 after picking up a win in September over Donald Cerrone. The win came in the first round in what ended up being a KO/TKO result in the fight. The last loss for Gaethje came in April of 2018. Now, in his last 5 bouts, Gaethje ended up picking up 3 wins and a couple of losses, but the losses date back to 2018. The downside is those are the only 2 losses that blot the career of Gaethje. Gaethje has a 21-2 record, but when it comes to the KO/TKO mark he is sitting at 18-2.

With Tony Ferguson he is coming in standing at 5’11” and 155 pounds. Ferguson does have a 76.5” reach. When it comes to Justin Gaethje he comes in at 5’11” and 155 pounds with a 70” reach. As you can tell the reach for Gaethje will put him in a position that could mean more blows being landed on him by Ferguson, but also open himself up to some of the wrestling style that Ferguson has become really good at.

Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje Prediction – Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson is a great fighter and one that has won 5 bouts in a row. Gaethje is 3-2 in his last five bouts, but has shown quite a bit of movement in his boxing ability lately and getting the KO/TKO rather quickly, but Ferguson has the better reach and should be able to keep Gaethje at arms length, if not further away. Look for Ferguson to use his extra reach to keep Gaethje at length, but when Gaethje does get close Ferguson will be able to use his wrestling skills to put Gaethje down on the ground, but still it leads to Ferguson winning this bout.


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