Seattle Kraken at New Jersey Devils NHL Preview – 02/12/24




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The Seattle Kraken are set to face off against the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center on February 12th, 2024, marking a crucial point in the season for both teams as they vie for playoff positions. The Devils are coming into this game with a record of 25-21-4, showing resilience and a strong defensive effort, especially in their recent 1-0 overtime loss to Carolina. They are scoring an average of approximately 3.38 goals per game while allowing around 3.52 goals against, showcasing a need for tighter defensive plays. Their power play conversion stands at an impressive 24.16%, with a penalty kill rate of 79.49%, indicating a strong special teams performance.

On the other side, the Seattle Kraken, with a record of 21-20-10, are looking to bounce back from a 4-1 loss against Philadelphia and make up ground in the playoff race. The Kraken are averaging about 2.82 goals per game and are conceding around 2.92 goals against, which points to their balanced but slightly struggling offensive and defensive gameplay. Their power play success is noted at 21.28%, while their penalty kill efficiency is slightly lower, indicating areas of potential vulnerability.

Both teams have shown fluctuations in their performances, but the Devils have the advantage of playing on home ice and have shown a slightly better offensive game, supported by their recent returns from injuries which might give them the edge. The Kraken, however, cannot be underestimated as they have the capability to pull off strong performances, especially from their leading scorers and goaltender Joey Daccord, who has been a standout this season.

Considering the statistical analysis and the current form of both teams, I predict a closely contested game with the New Jersey Devils edging out the Seattle Kraken with a final score of 3-2. The Devils’ slightly superior offensive stats, combined with their home advantage and strong power play, might just be enough to secure them the win in this critical matchup.

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