SC Freiburg vs Leverkusen 5/29/20 – Bundesliga Pick & Preview



Bayer Leverkusen


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SC Freiburg vs Leverkusen 5/29/20 – Bundesliga Pick & Preview

Bayer LeverkusenFreiburg is a team that could really show some improvement. However, Freiburg is coming in sitting in 8th in the table with a total of 38 points. When it comes to Leverkusen the team actually is sitting better than Freiburg in the standings and is sitting in 5th place in the table. When it comes to the points total Leverkusen has ended up getting a total of 53 points on the year.

SC Freiburg is heading into the game here with only a single win in the last 5 games, but has 2 draws and 2 losses in the last 5 games. The last game on the year for the Freiburg team was a draw against Eintracht Frankfurt in what ended up being a 3-3 tie. In the tie Freiburg ended up getting the ball 37% of the time with a total of 10 shots with 5 of them being on goal. Scoring on the year has seen Freiburg getting a total of 38 goals, but the defense has allowed 40 goals. Passing for Freiburg has been done at a clip of 22 assist.

The last 5 game for Leverkusen has ended up getting 4 wins and a loss in the games. The last game was a 4-1 loss to Wolfsburg. In the game, Leverkusen ended up controlling the ball 70% of the time, but only managed to get 9 shots total with only 1 of them landing on goal. Bayer Leverkusen is coming into the game here with a total of 53 goals on the year, but the defense for Leverkusen has allowed only 36 goals. The passing for Bayer Leverkusen has managed to get a total of 43 passes.

In the last meeting between Freiburg and Leverkusen it ended up being a 1-1 tie and that was in November. The last five meetings, total, though, ended up being 2 Leverkusen wins, but also an additional 2 draws. The last time the two teams faced Leverkusen controlled the ball 72% of the time and Freibrg only ended up with 28% possession. The big difference is Leverkusen had a total of 27 shots with 9of them landing on goal. Freiburg only had 8 shots in the game, but 2 of them landed on net.

SC Freiburg vs Leverkusen Odds: Bayer Leverkusen -139, Freiburg +317, Draw +269

Over/Under Odds: Over 3 -114, Under 3 -106

SC Freiburg vs Leverkusen Pick: Draw +269, Under 3 -106

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The match here is trending towards a draw based off of how the teams have played in the past. However, the last game for Leverkusen was a huge disappointment in the loss and the lack of defense.  Look for the game here to be another draw as Leverkusen is able to control the possession and the shots to easily outpace the Freiburg team, but still just like the last meeting between the two teams neither one is able to take control of the game and that leads to another draw.

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