Persib vs PS TIRA 3/26/18 – Indonesian Super League Pick & Preview




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Persib vs PS TIRA 3/26/18 – Indonesian Super League Pick & Preview

Game Time: 5:30 AM EST

Television: None


Persib is coming into this first game of the Super League as a team that has quite a bit of hope this year. The squad did not really look like they would be able to play that well on the year. The problem that could come for the team is not from the opponent in the match. Instead, it could be the fact the head coach is embroiled in a battle with the owner of his former club over claims that we was not paid. So this could be a distraction that he was not expecting to have thrust onto his players at any point in time.


PS TIRA is a team that is still relatively new as a team as they are only 3 years old. The team was formed between a merger of two older teams and even after 3 years they could still be trying to find their identity in the game and that can make it harder for these two teams to figure out which way they should be going. What else can prove to be difficult for the team would be the challenges of bringing together a couple teams to pick up the wins they need to have because of the difficult challenges the team can be facing.

My Pick – Draw

These two teams are going to be playing some great football here, but the PS TIRA team is still going to be coming together as a team and even after three years as a team have the clash of personality. The Persib team has a lot of things going on that involves the coach that can be distracting the team and obviously the coaches. The game ends in a 1-1 draw.

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