New York Jets NFL Draft Recap – NFL Preview & Prediction





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New York Jets NFL Draft Recap – NFL Preview & Prediction

JetsThe Jets are one team that was fairly consistent last year, but really started to put together everything towards the end of the season. Now, the Jets are looking to showcase quite a bit of improvement on the year and have made some potential improvements through the draft. So who did the New York Jets take and did the Jets fill the needs? The Jets main needs were on the offensive line and a target for Darnold. The Jets also needs some defensive backfield help and some help at both of the linebacking positions.

Round 1 (11) Mekhi Becton, T, 6’7” 364 pounds

Becton is coming out of Louisville and is easily one of the largest players to come into the NFL in quite some time. It would be easy to think that the size of Becton is going to keep him from being a star in the NFL. However, Becton has managed to blend his size and power with some great speed. This makes Becton one of the better choices for the Jets and if his talent converts to the NFL  then it will definitely help the Jets shore up a potentially shaky line.

Round 2 (27) Denzel Mims, WR, 6’3” 207 pounds

So in the first round the Jets went about finding some protection for Darnold and did a good job in finding that. Then in the second round, the Jets decided it was time to find someone to help give Darnold a good target to throw to. That is exactly what the Jets got here in Mims. He is a good receiver who can really stretch the defense, but once e the defense is stretched he has the hands to actually grab the ball and not drop it on a regular basis.


Round 3 (4) Ashtyn Davis, S, 6’1” 202 pounds

Davis is coming in as a safety, but may actually see some time at corner as well. Davis did not play consistently in the cornerback position since 2016, but he does have the skill and the speed that can provide him and the Jets what is needed. What else is an interesting aspect is the fact that Davis is able to tackle in the open field on his own.

Round 3 (15) Jabari Zuniga, DE, 6’3” 264 pounds

The Jets picked up Zuniga, but it is not seen clearly as to the thought process. The Jets needed more of a rusher off the edge, but Jabari is not really seen as a good rusher off the edge, but more of a run stopper. Now, what Zuniga can do on a fairly consistent basis is tie up the linemen and potentially tie up more than one at a time, which could help other rushers out in getting to the quarterback.

Round 4 (14) La’Mical Perine, RB, 5’11” 216 pounds

Perine is one running back that has left me scratching my head. Yes, Perine could develop into a great check down out of the backfield, but that will take time. The other thing is Perine does have a low center of gravity, which could help in the blocking game. However, Perine may get blown up by some of the running corners or safeties that are coming in on the blitz.

Round 4 (19) James Morgan, QB, 6’4” 229 pounds

Were the Jets looking for a new practice squad quarterback here? That is a great question as the Jets picked up Morgan who has a good touch when not pressured. However, under the slightest pressure or even if he is getting rushed Morgan tends to force the issue to much and that leads to several turnovers. To make matters worse his scrambling ability is at best mediocre.

Round 4 (23) Cameron Clark, T, 6’5” 308 pounds

Clark is coming out of Charlotte and while the 49ers are not that well known of team nationally the Charlotte team does have some good players. Clark may not make the roster for the Jets as the Jets already picked up Becton, but if he does Clark will definitely add some decent size to the depth chart for the Jets.

Round 5 (13) Bryce Hall, CB, 6’1” 202 pounds

Hall is a player that has started to develop nicely when it was time for his college career to come to an end. Hall has speed and oddly a decent amount of length for his size. These are both factors that will help the Jets in getting a potential star late in the draft. All it take is making sure that Hall gets the proper coaching and it would be interesting to see where he goes in his NFL career.

Round 6 (12) Braden Mann, P, 5’11” 198 pounds

Picking up a punter in the draft could be a good thing and picking one up this late in the draft could be a sign of what the Jets hope to have coming. The bad news is the Jets may have not been pinning all of their hopes on an improved offense as the Jets picked up Mann in the draft who punted the ball over 60 yards 14 times.

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