Liverpool vs Leicester 1/30/19 – Premier League Pick




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Liverpool vs Leicester 1/30/19 – Premier League Pick

Anfield LiverpoolThe Premier League started back from International and Caraboa Cup play on Tuesday, but we decided the Liverpool vs Leicester City game was the one that we would talk about here. The Reds have had a good run on the year and definitely look like a team that has quite a bit of potential for pulling out the win here. Leicester, seems to still be reeling after the unexpected loss of the chairman and owner in the helicopter crash right after a game. No matter what, Anfield is expected to have fairly typical English weather for the time period and a chance of snow or rain cannot be ruled out, but the chance is around the 20% mark, so the weather may not be a major factor.

Leicester City Preview

Leicester has not had a Premier League game in 11 days and that definitely has allowed the City players to rest up quite a bit and lick their wounds so to say. Not to mention Leicester City is coming off of a recent loss to the Wolves who ended up showcasing an unwitting ability to keep pace with Leicester by taking them down 4-3. However, the offensive flurry definitely gave the Leicester club some signs of what kind of potential they do have on the year offensively, even if the goalie play was a little bit on the sloppy side.

Jamie Vardy is the player who has led the club so far this year with 7 goals. However, he does have some decent help in scoring from James Maddison who has ended up getting 5 goals on the year. Wes Morgan has been able to get a single goal on the year, but the problem is Morgan does lead the club in discipline points with a total of 7 points, from 2 reds and 4 yellows.

Liverpool Preview

Liverpool is coming in for their first Premier League game since the 19th as well. However, the Reds did not have as much of a slow period as the Leicester City squad as they did have quite a bit of gameplay outside of the league and had some other games they played in as well. However, the Reds are playing on their home pitch and when playing at home the Liverpool Football Club has been very difficult to score on, let alone beat. That alone can make it difficult for Leicester to be seen as a club that actually has a chance.

What is great is Liverpool does know how to score and it is very easy to see when you look at the goal scoring from the Reds. The team has the leader in goals in the Premier League from Mohamed Salah who has a total of 16 goals on the year. However, when you look at the next leader for the Reds in goal scoring you have Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane who have 9 goals a piece.

Liverpool vs Leicester Line: Liverpool -435 Leicester +1200 Draw +535

My Free Premier League Pick: Liverpool -435

The game here is one that should easily beslatnted to the Liverpool lub. The offense from the Liverpool team is one that has not really been stopped on the season and the Reds are a team that has not given up a lot of goals on their home pitch either. What else will help the Reds is the top 3 players have been able to score more goals than almost the entire Leicester City club. Look for Leicester to struggle defensively in this game and be unable to really slow down Salah, Firmino, and Mane in this game. Lets look for a score that will come in with Liverpool winning 3-1.

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