KT Wiz vs LG Twins 4/6/24 Pick and Preview




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The KT Wiz vs LG Twins 4/6/24 game is set to take place at 4:00 AM EST. The game is taking place at Jamsil Baseball Stadium and will be one that provides plenty of action. The game should be broadcast locally on SPOTV.

KT Wiz vs LG Twins 4/6/24

KT Wiz Preview

The KT Wiz area coming into this game here after getting a nice win in their last game. The game took 10 innings before the Wiz beat the Twins by a score of 8-7. With the win the Wiz moved to a record of 3-9 on the year which is good enough for the Wiz to be sitting in 8th place.

Wes Benjamin is heading to this game here as the projected starter for KT. Benjamin has started in 2 games already with an 0-1 record and a horrible 16.88 ERA with a 2.00 WHIP. With such horrible pitching he has only lasted 8 innings on the year with 15 runs allowed 14 hits, but a horrible 4 homers. One thing that Wes Benjamin does have is 12 strikeouts and 2 walks allowed. KT is heading into the game here with a league worst ERA at 7.61. The Wiz have allowed 13 homers on the year and 151 hits. The opponents are hitting at a clip of .335 with a 1.78 WHIP.

The Wiz are coming in with a .270 average with 119 hits and 16 doubles, but only a single triple on the year. The power hitting for KT is not that bad with 12 homers, but have only 5 steals in 9 attempts with 4 runners getting caught.

LG Twins Preview

LG ended up losing in their last game against the Wiz. However, it was a battle and the Twins did not give up the game until the extra innings. Still, the LG Twins dropped to a record of 6-5-1 on the year which is sitting in 6th place.

Casey Kelly is the starter that heads to this game for the Twins. On the the year Kelly has started in 2 games so far and recorded an 0-1 record. Casey has posted a 4.91 ERA with a 1.73 WHIP. He has thrown in 11 innings with 6 runs allowed and 16 hits, but has given up a homer. Kelly has struck out 8 batters and walked only 3 batters. The Twins are heading to this game here with a 4.02 ERA on the year so far. However, the Twins have allowed 8 homers and only 111 hits on the season so far. The opponents are hitting at a clip of .255 with a WHIP of 1.45.

The Twins are heading here as the second best hitting team in the KBO with a .293 average. The Twins have scored 71 runs and have 127 hits, 16 doubles, 3 triples and 10 homers. However, the Twins are great at running on the bases with 20 steals, but only 7 runners caught.

KT Wiz vs LG Twins 4/6/24 Pick: LG Twins

KT is putting Wes Benjamin on the mound in this game here. That is going to make it very difficult for the Wiz to keep the game close. Look for the Twins hitters to easily get the game going early and run Benjamin out of the game and continue to build upon their lead as the bullpen struggles for the Wiz.

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