Kia Tigers vs KT Wiz 4/4/24 Pick and Preview




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Thursday will wrap up the series between the Kia Tigers and the KT Wiz. The Kia Tigers vs KT Wiz 4/4/24 game is taking place at Suwon KT Wiz Park. The game starts at 5:30 AM EST and is going to be broadcast on SPOTV2 in Korea.

Kia Tigers vs KT Wiz 4/4/24 Pick and Preview

Kia Tigers Preview

The Tigers head here after getting an impressive win over the Wiz in their last game. The win came by a score of 5-1. With the win the Tigers were able to move to a record of 6-2 on the year. That record is good enough for the Kia team to be sitting in 2nd place in the KBO.

Lee Eui-lee is the starter that is slated to play for the Tigers in this game. Eui-lee has already had a start on the year against Doosan. The game ended up as a no decision, but still Lee Eui-lee has posted a 0.00 ERA and a 1.75 WHIP. He has managed to get a total of 4 innings on the year and allowed 2 runs, but has 2 hits allowed. The control department was an issue for Lee Eui-lee as he walked 5 batters, but struck out 6 batters. Kia is heading to this game here with a team ERA of 2.89 on the year. However, the pitching for Kia has been good on the pitching with a 1.32 WHIP, but the opponents have an average of only .201 on the season.

Lee Woo-sung is the hitter for average for the Tigers with a .355 average in a total of 33 plate apeparnces. Choi Hyoung-woo is the power hitter for the Tigers with a total of 2 homers on the year, but also leads the RBI lead as well with 7 runners brought home. Kia is hitting at a clip of .284 so far on the season. The Tigers have managed to get a total of 30 runs scored, but have not been good on the power side of the ball with 3 homers, but have managed to get 7 steals.

KT Wiz Preview

KT is heading to the game here sitting in dead last in the KBO on the year. The Wiz have ended up posing a dismal record of 2-8 on the year overall and have not looked overly impressive so far.

The KT team is putting William Cuevas on the mound in this game here. Cuevas has started in 2 games on the year so far and has not recorded a decision on the year. Cuevas has posted a 2.25 ERA and a 0.75 WHIP. William Cuevas has thrown a total of 12 innings on the year and allowed 3 runs, but has given up 7 hits and a homer on the season. Control has been great for William Cuevas with 15 strikeouts with 2 walks allowed. The pitching for KT as a team has been horrible with a team ERA of 8.66 on the season with a total of 10 homers allowed. The Wiz have posted a 1.88 WHIP and the opponents have been easily hitting the Wiz pitching with an average of .346.

Cheon Seong-ho is coming in as the hitting leader for the Wiz at .488 in an impressive 44 plate appearances. Mel Rojas Jr. is coming in with quite a bit of power hitting in the game with a total of 4 homers on the season. Bae Jeong Doe is the leader when it comes to bringing in the runners with a total of 8 RBIs on the season. Bae also has managed to get the most steals on the year with 4 so far. KT has managed to do a little better on the hitting side of the ball with a .286 average, but have ended up getting 41 runs scored. The power game for KT has managed to get 9 homers, but have managed to get 4 stolen bases on the year.

Kia Tigers vs KT Wiz 4/4/24 Pick: KIA Tigers

The Wiz are putting a better starter on the mound in this game, but Cuevas does not have any decisions on the year and that is mainly because the bullpen has blown the games. Look for that to be the case in this game here as the Tigers are able to keep the game close and once it gets handed over to the Wiz bullpen the Tigers are going to bring home a big win.

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