Karl Roberson vs Marvin Vettori – UFC Fight Night 5/13/20 Pick & Prediction





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Karl Roberson vs Marvin Vettori – UFC Fight Night 5/13/20 Pick & Prediction

UFCThe middleweight bout will definitely pit a couple of great fighters against each other with Roberson coming in with only 2 losses. Vettori is heading into the bout with a little bit more in the way of losses with a couple more losses, but also has a draw on his record. Now, the bout definitely is going to be good and make it one that should be a great draw.

Karl Roberson is coming into the bout with a southpaw stance and even tends to use the same fighting style of Vettori which is the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Baby K in his last bout picked up a submission win in the 3rd round over Roman Kopytov. The win pushed Roberson to a 9-2 mark in his career. When it comes to the KO/TKO record he is sitting at 2-0 and submission has been decent for Roberson at the 4-2 mark.

The Italian Dream is heading into the fight here using the same exact fighting stance and style as Roberson. However, the difference is Vettori is coming in as the favored fighter as well. Almost all of his fights in the past 5 battles have been decision type of fights. So it is very obvious that Vettori is able to go the distance. The last win came in a unanimous decision over Andrew Sanchez. The win allowed him to improve to 14-4-1, but in the TKO/KO mark he is sitting at 2-0. When it comes to the submission fights Vettori is sitting at 8-0.

The tale of the tape between the Roberson and Vettori fighters will be a good bout. Roberson is coming in at 6’1” and 185 pounds. When it comes to the reach Roberson has a reach of 74 inches. Marvin Vettori is heading into the bout at 6’0” and 185 pounds. The best news is Vettori does not give up anything in the reach department as his reach sits at 74 inches as well.

Karl Roberson vs Marvin Vettori Prediction – Marvin Vettori

Vettori is heading into the bout here with a decent number of strikes, but also a good record as well. Not to mention, Vettori is able to get on the ground and win the submission battles as well. Look for Vettori to come into the bout here and actually pull off the win as Roberson fights good, but is unable to really go the distance against Vettori in what will be a great middleweight battle.

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