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Indianapolis Colts NFL Draft Recap – NFL Preview & Prediction

Indianapolis ColtsWith the Colts the team really got hit hard with Luck retiring last year at the start of the season. However, that did not really phase the Colts who looked to already be in a semi rebuilding stage at the time. The problem for the Colts is the team did not have a first round draft pick this year and that could definitely make it harder to fill their gaps with a lot of the skill players already being drafted. With that being said, the Colts did good to fill in the gaps for the positional needs the Colts came into the draft with.

Round 2 (2) Michael Pittman Jr., WR, 6’4” 223 pounds

Coming out of USC Pittman is looking like a great addition for the Colts. He is tall and has decent size which will help him in going after the jump ball. What else helps the Colts out with Pittman is even at his height he reminds me a lot of Calvin Johnson with the ability to not only jump after the ball, but also stretch the field. Not to mention with the addition of Rivers to the roster it could definitely provide Pittman with a good chance to develop with a great veteran who can help him gain confidence in the NFL.

Round 2 (9) Jonathan Taylor, RB, 5’10” 226 pounds

While the Colts did not really need to pick up a running back this year, it is one position that in the near future could really have come into question. Taylor was a pick that could really help the Colts in shoring up the position and rotating out Marlon Mack. Now, what else will be nice is Taylor is coming out of Wisconsin which is a Big Ten school and typical of most of the Big Ten schools Taylor showed that he can carry the load as a leading rusher. Not to mention at 5’10” he is small enough to make the opponents miss the tackles.

Round 3 (21) Julian Blackmon, S, 6’0” 187 pounds

Julian Blackmon may become a player to develop for the Colts. Yes, he is good at coverage to a certain extent, but his speed is lacking if he gets beat deep and that could lead to more pass interference calls. When it comes to supporting the run game he should be able to fill in the gaps really well. Now, what else is great is since the Colts like to play the tandem safeties in the back it will give Blackmon a good chance to play some decent team this year.

Round 4 (16) Jacob Eason, QB, 6’6” 231 pounds

Eason is one quarterback that could really learn a lot from his playing time under Rivers. Jacob Eason was coming out of Washington which seen him play decent, but he did have some issues at times in getting the ball threaded into the tight spots. Now, what else he can learn from Rivers and potentially develop into a great quarterback would be how to lead the receivers even better. If Eason does get the development from Rivers he could develop into a great quarterback.

Round 5 (3) Danny Pinter, G, 6’4” 306 pounds

Danny Pinter is a guard that has been able to play several positions when he was at Ball State. He moved from tight end, to tackle, and finally settled in at guard. Pinter managed to do really well in the combine for the guard position. Now, Pinter does have shorter arms which keeps his power close to his body and that definitely allows him to pack the punch that he needs to this year.

Round 6 (14) Robert Windsor, DT, 6’5” 290 pounds

Windsor is one player that needs improvement at holding the ground when the offensive lineman is pushing him back. Robert Windsor when he does not give up the ground tends to get off the block quickly and tends to get into the backfield to disrupt the running game. The downside is Windsor does not get off the blocks often enough to really be seen as a threat.

Round 6 (32) Isaiah Rodgers, CB, 5’10” 170 pounds

Coming out of UMass did not help the drafting stock of Rodgers this year. However, Rodgers is one player that can really make up the lost ground if he does get beat. Rodgers also managed to pick off 11 passes in college and returned 3 for touchdowns. Now, one downside is Rodgers does not play well on the run, but his speed could really turn him into a great return man.

Round 6 (33) Dezmon Patmon, WR, 6’4” 225 pounds

The Colts ended up adding some additional depth at wide out here with Patmon. The problem is Patmon does not have the best hands and that leads to a lot of dropped balls. With that being the case he still can stretch out the field and definitely can jump over the opponents if he is given the chance. The downside is if he does catch the ball he tends to go down really quickly.

Round 6 (34) Jordan Glasgow, ILB, 6’1” 226 pounds

Jordan Glasgow really has us scratching our heads as to what the Colts were thinking by taking him. Granted, he could develop into a good player, but it will mainly be as a special teams player along the lines of a bigger sized Steve Tasker. As far as being a traditional inside linebacker he is small in size, but can definitely fill in if needed.

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