Golden State Warriors at Boston Celtics 1/26/19 – NBA Pick




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Golden State Warriors at Boston Celtics 1/26/19 – NBA Pick

If you follow any major cable sports network at all then you know the main topic of discussion for the past day has been the battle between Curry and Irving on Saturday. Well, I have to agree it is going to be a battle between what people can arguably say are the 2 best guards in the NBA right now. I would have too say I do agree that this is going to be a battle between these two teams and it will definitely be a great battle to watch if you do not have anything else to do on Saturday night or if your college basketball team has already played on the day. Now, lets start to look at these two teams a little bit more.

Golden State Warriors Preview

Golden State will be coming into this game for their 4th straight road game. However, this should not really be that upsetting to the Warriors fans as the road has been very kind to the Warriors as they have picked up a total of 3 wins heading into this game. Now, the Warriors will be looking to pull out some great gameplay here and with the talent and depth of the roster the Warriors definitely have a good chance to pulling out the victory. What else will help the Warriors out is the tandem of Curry and Durant who in the recent road victory over the Wizards were unstoppable.

Heading into the game the Warriors have been able to have the top-ranked scoring offense with 118.9 points a game. The Warriors also have the best passing game in the league with 29.1 assist a game. The defense for the Warriors has struggled and put some undue stress on the Warriors offense as the defense is ranked 22nd with 112 points allowed. Rebounding for the Warriors has been able to rank 8th in the league with 46.6 rebounds a game.

Boston Celtics Preview

The Celtics are coming into the game here with a 5 game winning streak. However, the 5 wins, outside of the win over the Raptors has not really been that impressive. I mean, the Celtics beat the Hawks, Heat, and Cavaliers in 3 of those 5 games and if you have watched basketball at all this season, then you know that the Harlem Globetrotters opponent could beat these 3 teams with the way they have played this year. So while it is impressive to say you have won 5 straight games, a closer inspection shows that some of those wins were not against the best teams the league has to send out on the court.

So far this season the Celtics have had Irving to lead the team. However, the Celtics offense has only managed to get 112.2 points a game, which is only a middle of the pack offense and ranked 13th in the NBA.The defense for the Celtics has given up 105.7 points a game and that is actually ranked 4th in the nation. Passing the ball for the Celtics is not nearly as good as the Warriors and ranked 7th in the NBA right now with 25.9 per game. When it comes to cleaning up the glass the Celtics have managed to get 44.9 rebunds a game and that is ranked 18th.

Warriors at Celtics Line: Golden State Warriors -2 O/U 230

My Free NBA Pick: Golden State Warriors -2

The Warriors are a very talent laden cluband noone has really beena ble to slow themdown on the road trip, let alone get close enough to beat them. The Curry and Irving battle is what every sports pundit has been talking about, but what they are missing is how the rest of the lineups are going to match. All you have to do is look at Durant and try to find another talent at that level on the Celtics roster that matches up and you will see the Celtics will try, but they do not have the same level of talent and the Warriors are on aroll which is hard to stop. Look for the Celtics to put up a good fight, but still fall short in this game. I actually look for the Golden State Warriors to win this game 122-116.

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