Gabriel Benitez vs Omar Morales – UFC Fight Night 5/13/20 Pick & Prediction





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Gabriel Benitez vs Omar Morales – UFC Fight Night 5/13/20 Pick & Prediction

UFCThe lightweight fight here in the prelim is one that could eventually be seen as a main card fight. The battle between Benitez who is a fairly seasoned veteran will be taking on Morales who is unbeaten going through his first nine fights. No matter what the fight here is one that will be a great battle that is going to showcase another upcoming fighter to take on the veteran.

Gabriel Benitez is heading into the fight here using the Southpaw style of stance that has done him decent in the past. However, Benitez does have a good fighting style that is coming back to the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In the last battle Benitez did lose by a KO/TKO at the hands of Sodiq Yusuff in the first round of the fight. After the loss Benitez ended up dropping to a 21-8 record and in the TKO/KO battle has ended up with a 7-2 record, but the submission battles have him sitting at 10-2.

Morales is heading into the fight here without getting a single loss in his career so far. The last fight for Morales was a unanimous decision win over Dong Hyun Ma. The win allowed Morales to improve to 9-0 in his young career. However, in the TKO/KO battles he is sitting at 2-0 in his career and when it comes to the submission fights Morales is 5-0 in his career.

Coming to the tape Benitez is standing at 5’8” and weighs in at 155 pounds. The reach for Benitez is sitting at 71 inches and that is a decent reach which should help him out in the fight, but he does not have as good of a reach as Morales. Omar Morales is coming into the fight with a 73 inch reach and has ended up getting a huge height advantage at 5’11” and comes in at the 155 pound mark in the fight.

Gabriel Benitez vs Omar Morales Prediction – Omar Morales

This is one battle that shows that Morales is coming in as the better fighter and also bigger fighter. Look for that to make a difference in the fight here as the fight will feature Morales being able to take anything that Benitez brings out to the fight, but also for the way that Morales has dominated in his fights so far to make a big difference in the fight as he wins this fight here.

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