Denver Nuggets at Detroit Pistons 2/4/19 – NBA Pick



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Denver Nuggets at Detroit Pistons 2/4/19 – NBA Pick

Detroit Pistons LogoThe Nuggets are going to be heading to Detroit to face the Pistons on Monday night. However, if this is any type of reflection on how well Detroit has been playing this season ESPN on the NBA page is showing the team still has over 2,500 tickets available with the price starting at under 5 bucks. Now, this does not mean the Pistons have been horrible on the year, but it is definitely going to give you a good idea on what the fans in Detroit think of how the team has been playing. What is even worse is the Pistons are coming off of a loss to the Clippers, a team that the Pistons had been able to crush on the road, but got crushed on their home court. No matter what, Detroit is playing at home in this game and it will be a battle between the teams, but it will be a battle the Pistons are looking forward to and will attempt to better their home record in the game.

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The Denver Nuggets head coach managed to land the coaching job of the All-Stars. That came about because of the way the Nuggets have been playing almost all season. What is really interesting is the Nuggets have managed to pick up a lot of wins and even have tied the Golden State Warriors for the best record in the West and hold the tie break, which is definitely a little bit of a shocker since no one expected the Denver Nuggets to be doing much of anything on the season, let alone making it to the top echelons of the Western Conference with the retooled Lakers and the amazing Warriors.

The Nuggets are being carried by several players, but the one who has really stood out on the season so far is Nikola Jokic who leads the Nuggets with 20.2 points a game, 7.7 assist a game, but also leads in rebounding as well with 10.5 a game. The Nuggets as a team are only getting 111.9 points a game, 27.4 assist a game, and 46.6 boards a game. When it comes to the defense the Nuggets are not horrible as they are only giving up 106.1 points a game.

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The Pistons year has been in a tail spin recently and the defense has had quite a few problems containing the opponent’s offense late n the games, but also in closing out the games. That held very true in the most recent loss for the Pistons when they ended up dropping the game 111-101, but what is even worse is the Pistons gave up a 25 point lead before they lost the game. So it is easy to see the Pistons, even when they are up big in a game have been unable to hold onto the game.

With the Pistons they have managed to rely on Blake Griffin to lead them in a couple of the major categories with 26.2 points a game and 5.3 assist a game. Andre Drummond, the big center, has been able to clean up the glass rather easily for the Pistons as he has pulled down 14.9 rebounds a game. On the season the Pistons have scored 105.5 points a game with 22.1 assist a game, but have cleaned up 45.4 boards a game. Defensively as you can already see the Pistons have struggled quite a bit and are giving up 108.3 points a game.

Nuggets at Pistons Line: Denver Nuggets -4  O/U 209

My Free NBA Pick: Denver Nuggets -4

The Nuggets have crushed Detroit in the past few games they have played, but the last time these two met was in March of last year, with quite a few changes since then. The Nuggets are also getting an increase in production from Monte Morris as well and that has helped take some of the pressure off of Jokic. The Pistons defense has struggled quite a bit in the past few games, but the Pistons are also looking to Bruce Bowen for some production as well. Bowen has actually went 0-8 in the past few games and that definitely adds to the woes of the Pistons and sadly it will not change in this game as the Nuggets bring home a win and cover the spread, Denver Nuggets win 113-106.


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