Cowboys Resign Ezekiel Elliott To An Amazing Deal




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Cowboys Keep Zeke Happy – New Contract!

The Dallas Cowboys definitely are a team whose future is quite a bit brighter now. The team announced that they have come to terms on a longer deal with Ezekiel Elliott. The deal that will keep Elliott wearing a star until 2026. The deal is one that I found quite amazing for the former Ohio State Buckeye as he is going to make 90 million dollars over the course of the contract. What else works out quite well in his favor is the fact that 50 million dollars of the contract is guaranteed money.

Obviously the talent that Elliott brings to the field is well worth the cost. However, for me I am not a millionaire by any means, seem to be a risk for the Cowboys. Will the Cowboys be able to bounce back from any injury he may have in the future? I mean in 6 years time that is quite a bit of a bruising on the running back and the players are not getting smaller at all. Instead, they are getting bigger and faster and hitting harder.

No matter what, I do have to agree with Marcus Spears in this segment from ESPN. He did a great job of detailing why the Cowboys need Elliott on the field, but also why the Cowboys felt the need to secure him to a long term deal. I just know that it is a risk, but then again anytime you take to the field to play football it is a risk and owning a team is a big risk, but one that the Dallas Cowboys are able to undertake and just think without Ezekiel Elliott on the field the Cowboys would become a one dimensional team and that would lead to them getting blown out of the water as the Giants would have been able to pin their ears back and rush the quarterback making his day a nightmare.

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