Chase Sherman vs Ike Villanueva – UFC Fight Night 5/13/20 Pick & Prediction





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Chase Sherman vs  Ike Villanueva – UFC Fight Night 5/13/20 Pick & Prediction

UFCWhen it comes to this fight here it will be a great battle for the heavyweight fight here. Sherman has looked decent in his fights for the most part. However, when it comes to the fight it is also going to be a little bit of a battle with one of the fighters having a good weight advantage and a better reach advantage as well. When it comes to Villanueva he has ended up fighting really well as well, but it is difficult for either one of these two fighters to pull out a major advantage.

Sherman is heading into the fight here with an orthodox style of fighting and he is also seen as a striker when it comes to his fighting style. Now, what is really nice for Sherman is the fact that he has won the last 3 bouts by a KO/TKO fight. When it comes to the last fight Rashaun Jackson ended up getting to play the role of loser to Sherman who won by a TKO/KO. With the win in the last fight Sherman ended up improving to 14-6 on the year with a 13-4 record when it comes to the TKO/KO.

Ike is coming into the fight here with an orthodox stance. However, what is really interesting for Ike is the fact that he has not really declared a fighting style either, but tends to be more of a striker style as well. The last 4 battles for Villanueva has ended up getting 4 wins by a TKO/KO in the bouts.  The last fight that Ike won was against Rashad Coulter in what ended up being a TKO/KO win in the first round.  The win improved the record of Ike Villanueva to 16-9 in his career and when it comes to the TKO/KO record he is sitting at 13-3, but has yet to win anything in the submission style with an 0-5 record.

When it comes to the size up Sherman has the advantage at 6’4” compared to the 6’1” of Ike. Sherman also has the weight advantage at 253 pounds versus the 233 of Villanueva. Now, a big advantage that Sherman has comes in the reach where he is getting a reach of 78 inches while Villanueva comes in with a reach that is only at 73 inches.

Chase Sherman vs Ike Villanueva Prediction – Chase Sherman

The fight here is going to pit a couple of fighters that are very evenly matched against each other and both of them tend to fight really well so far. Now, the difference maker in the bout here will be the fact that Sherman is coming into the bout with a size advantage and also a tremendous reach advantage. That type of advantage is going to risk Ike Villanueva to some good blows from Sherman and it will show up in the fight here as Sherman is able to land some heavy blows.

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