Charles Byrd vs Maki Pitolo 6/6/20 – UFC 250 Picks & Preview





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Charles Byrd vs Maki Pitolo 6/6/20 – UFC 250 Picks & Preview

UFCThe middleweight battle here is going to be one that a lot of people are going to find interesting. It will pit Charles Byrd who has 6 losses on the year to face Pitolo who has ended up fighting just a little bit better as he has a total of 5 losses in his career. Now, these two face off against each other in what may actually bea lot more balanced type of fight than what a lot of the odds makers are going to put down.

Byrd is coming into the fight here with the Muay Thai fighting style, but when it comes to his stance he is more along the lines of an orthodox style. The last 2 fights have been a risk for Byrd as they are both KO/TKO losses and the last one came in the first round to Edmen Shahbazyan. With those losses Byrd has dropped to a 10-6 overall record, but he is 3-2 in the (T)KO fights and when it is time for submission records Byrd has done decent with a 5-2 record. Charles Byrd is coming into the fight here with 3.86 significant strikes per minute with 57.50% of those landing.

Pitolo is coming into the fight using the orthodox fighting stance, but he is also coming into the fight with the Mixed Martial Artist type of fighting style. The last fight for Pitolo was a loss to Callan Potter in what ended up being a unanimous decision loss. The loss dropped Pitolo to 12-5 overall, but he is coming in 6-2 in the (T)KO record and when it comes to submission fights he has posted a 3-2 record. For Pitolo he is coming into the fight here with 5.42 significant strikes per minute, but he has ended up landing 45% of those blows.

When it comes to the tale of the tape Byrd is standing at 5’10” and 185 pounds, but has a 73 inch reach. For his part Maki Pitolo is standing at 5’10” as well and is coming in at 185 pounds. He has a slight advantage when it comes to the reach at 75 inches.

Charles Byrd vs Maki Pitolo Odds: Charles Byrd -180, Maki Pitolo +155

Round Totals: Over 1.5 -165, Under 1.5 +135

Charles Byrd vs Maki Pitolo Pick: Maki Pitolo, Over 1.5

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The fight here is going to be very interesting as these fighters are evenly matched and Byrd has seemed to have developed some problems in protecting himself lately compared to what he could be doing. Look for that issue to continue to plague Byrd in the fight here as Pitolo is able to level the playing field by keeping up his higher energy pace to bring in more strikes than what Byrd is able to block and that eventually leads to Maki Pitolo wearing Byrd down before going to the judges.

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