Baltimore Ravens NFL Draft Recap – NFL Preview & Prediction





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Baltimore Ravens NFL Draft Recap – NFL Preview & Prediction

RavensThe Ravens had some issues that had to be addressed and what is really interesting is the Ravens were able to do a good job of addressing most of those needs. At the same time, though, the Ravens managed to get some offensive help as well which was needed, but not nearly as desperate as some of the moves the Ravens had to make in filling their needs in the draft. The main needs for the Ravens were an inside linebacker, a defensive end and tackle, an offensive guard, and providing a new target for Jackson to throw the ball to.

Round 1 (28) Patrick Queen, ILB, 6’0” 229 pounds

Queen is not really that big of a linebacker by the NFL standards and for an interior linebacker definitely is undersized when a lot of the players are pushing almost 250 pounds. Patrick Queen, though, has a good head on his shoulders and is able to get to the side fairly quickly. Queen also seems to have the instinct that is able to help the run stuffing game and in the AFC North that is fairly important as a lot of teams tend to favor the running game.

Round 2 (23) J.K. Dobbins, RB, 5’10” 209 pounds

While a running back was not high up on the list of needs, the Ravens could not really pass up a great rusher in Dobbins in the second round. The Ohio State playr was able to pick up quite a bit of clout last year with the way that he was able to run the ball, but also how powerful the stout rusher is for the Buckeyes last year and potentially how they can change for the Ravens. Not to mention, Mark Ingram is already turning 30 and did carry a decent load last season, but it is only a matter of time before he wears down.


Round 3 (7) Justin Madubuike, DT, 6’3” 293 pounds

The Ravens are going to be looking to Madubuike and his speed to get off the ball to make the tackles. At 293 pounds he is undersized for the interior line and the chances of him being able to battle through some of the blocks may be hard to see. Madubuike does have decent upper body strength and that could help him in getting some of the battles won.

Round 3 (28) Devin Duvernay, WR, 5’11” 200 pounds

Duvernay is one player that the Ravens picked up as a versatile receiver. Granted, at 5’11” he is fairly short and that will not help him out in the NFL in getting the corner balls in the end zone. At the same time, Duvernay does have shorter arms, but catches mainly with his hands. He is able to absorb contact as well and stay on his feet, but he definitely needs to work quite a bit on his route running skills if he would like to transition easily to the NFL.

Round 3(34) Malik Harrison, ILB, 6’3” 247 pounds

Harrison is a great linebacker and is coming from Ohio State as well. Harrison has a great combination of speed and power that can really keep the blockers on their line. The best part is Harrison is sized right for the position and could definitely be one player that can help to shore up the middle of the linebacker position for the Ravens. Not to mention Harris has great pass rushing skills as well and is able to easily shed the blocks on the rush.

Round 3 (42) Tyre Phillips, OT, 6’5” 331 pounds

Phillips is a huge tackle and one that has a lot of power as well. That is going to allow Phillips to blow the defenders off the line in the rushing game. However, when it comes to blocking on the pass, Phillips may end up relying on his length to help in getting the blocks completed. The downside for Phillips is he does not have a lot of athletic ability and could be beaten off the line by some of the faster edge rushers.

Round 4 (37) Ben Bredeson, OG, 6’5” 315 pounds

Bredeson may be coming out of Michigan, but sadly he does not have a lot of mobility that is able to get him on the blocks and keep the players blocked down. This lack of mobility often leaves him lunging to get the blocks turned in the passing game. Firing off the ball for the pass blocking, though, is something that Bredeson is able to do rather easily as he can fire off good and block down the defenders for the run game.

Round 5 (25) Broderick Washington, DT, 6’2” 305 pounds

Washington is one player that could fill the need of a pass rushing specialist. Washington for a man his size is not really able to move that quickly and is unable to really get off the blocks from the guards for the rushing downs. However, Washington is able to bull rush nicely and an help in getting the passing downs broken up well.

Round 6 (22) James Proche, WR, 5’11” 201 pounds

Proche is one player that could end up on the practice squad for a few years. Proche has decent hands and should be able to grab the balls fairly easily, but the Ravens may have some issues in doing any better than that in the NFL as he does not have the leaping nor the speed that is able to get away from the defenders.

Round 7 (5) Geno Stone, S, 5’10” 207 pounds

Stone is a player that if he does make it to the team would have to rely on his instinct and skill in getting the tackles made. Granted, Stone does have the smarts, but the downside is the fact that Stone does not have a lot of speed to keep up with the man-to-man coverage, but also is not a good cover safety at this type of coverage and could only do well with zone coverage.

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