Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals 9/13/18 – NFL Pick & Prediction




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Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals 9/13/18 – NFL Pick & Prediction

The Ravens are coming into this game after completely dominating and dismantling the Bills team. The Bills, though, do look a little bit disorganized and that will definitely cost the Bills a lot his season. So this may not have been the challenge the Ravens really needed to have in the opening week. With the Bengals, the team had a fight on their hands and even after losing the starting safety early in the game the Bengals were able to get the defense rolling in the game against the Colts. The problem is the Colts were relying on Andrew Luck to do good for the team in his first start in what seemed like forever and it definitely showed that he had a lot of rust.

Baltimore Ravens Preview

The Ravens seen Joe Flacco do really well in the first game of the year and looked like he picked up where he left off last season. He was able to throw for 236 yards out of the 252 yards the Ravens managed in the air. However, he was able to find his receivers for 3 touchdowns on the year.

When it came to the rushing attack the Ravens overall were able to get 117 yards in the game. The leading rusher was unexpected as it was Kenneth Dixon who carried 13 times for 44 yards and a score in the game. Willie Snead IV was able to get 4 catches in the game for 49 yards and a score in the game.

Defensively the Ravens were able to completely control the tempo of the game as the Bills were only able to get a field goal in the game. However, the defense only gave up a total of 153 yards, which could be coming from the strong defensive play or the way the offense has been playing in the past for the Bills.

Cincinnati Bengals Preview

Andy Dalton was able to play really well for the Bengals and he needs to continue to play at a high level if the Bengals are going to continue to win. Dalton against the Colts defensive backfield was able to throw the ball around for 243 yards and 2 touchdowns. As was in the years past A.J. Green was a favorite target for Dalton and the Bengals as Green caught the ball 6 times for 92 yards and a touchdown.

The Bengals did seem to have a more established rushing attack when compared to the Ravens for the upcoming week. Joe Mixon was able to carry the ball 17 times for 95 yards and a score. This could lead to the Bengals jumping to an early lead and being able to pound the clock out or even set up a decent play action if the Bengals have to make up the difference in the game.

The Line For The Ravens at Bengals Game

CIN +100 O/U 44

Free Pick: Cincinnati Bengals +100

My Pick For Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals 9/13/18 

The Ravens offense lit the Bills defense up but the Bills defense is relatively young and inexperienced compared to the Bengals defense. Not to mention this is a division rivalry game and these two teams always play some major defensive struggles. Look for Flacco to do decent in the game, but the Bengals offense is a little bit more balanced and this balanced attack tips the scales in favor to the Ravens who appear to be a fairly one dimensional offense. My Pick is the Cincinnati Bengals to win 24-20.

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