2020 New York Mets Preview – MLB Preview & Prediction





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2020 New York Mets Preview – MLB Preview & Prediction

MetsThe Mets are one team that could go up or really falter quite a bit on the year. The Mets did not really add much to the roster that would really impress the fans that much. That would definitely be an issue normally, but this year in the season that may be played without fans, the Mets could have a fairly good run on the year. Now, what could be interesting is the Mets do have some small chances for improvement and that could help the Mets out in surprising a lot of teams.

New York Mets Starters

With New York the team has revamped the starting rotation a little bit on the year. The Mets still have some of their stars that are coming into the starting rotation. The staff ace is projected to be Jacob deGrom. However, deGrom is projected to be followed up by Marcus Stroman, Rick Porcello, Steven Matz, and then Michael Wacha. All have some good points to them and have played quite a bit in the majors already. deGrom last year started in 32 games and threw a total of 204 innings. He struck out 255 batters while posting an 11-8 record with a 2.43 ERA.

New York Mets Relievers

The relievers for the Mets is definitely a spot that could be seen as a weakness, but that has held true across the board for almost every team in the majors this year. The Mets do have some talent with Seth Lugo headlining the bullpen. He is followed up by Dellin Betances, Justin Wilson, Jerurys Familia, and Robert Gsellman. Edwin Diaz is projected to be the closer for the Mets on the year. Last season Diaz pitched in 66 games with a total of 58 innings pitched while striking out 99 batters. Diaz did post a 2-7 record and recorded 26 saves with 7 blown saves and an ERA of 5.59.


New York Mets Catchers

The Met are one team that could have a good run at the catching position. The Mets are looking to potentially bring in 3 players at the catching position. With the Mets the starter is projected to be Wilson Ramos. The Mets if they do carry 3 on the roster will have Tomas Nido and Rene Rivera. Ramos ended up playing in 141 games last year while hitting at a clip of .288 with 14 homers and 73 runners brought home. On the defensive side of the ball Ramos threw out 15.3% of the runners that ran to steal the other base.

New York Mets Corners

When playing the corners the Mets are definitely looking really good. The Met have Pete Alonso playing at first base and at third the Mets look like Jeff McNeil will be able to line up at the base. Backing up the players is Matt Adams to back up at first and Jed Lowrie to backup at third. Last season Alonso played in 161 games on the year and ended up hitting at a clip of .260 with a total of 53 homers and 120 RBIs. When it comes to Jeff McNeil he played in 133 games and hit at a clip of .318 while cranking out 23 homers and bringing home 75 runners.

New York Mets Middle Infield

The middle infield for the Mets could be questionable depending on the health of the players. The shortstop for the Mets is projected to be Amed Rosario and he is to be backed up by Luis Guillorme. The main played at second base is Robinson Cano and he is backed up by Jeff McNeil. Cano ended up playing in a total of 107 games while hitting at a clip of only .256 with 13 homers and brought home a total of 39 runners on the year. The shortstop, Rosario, ended up playing in 157 games and managed to hit at  a clip of .287 with 15 homers and 72 runners brought home.

New York Mets Outfield

With the outfield the Mets are one of the shaky places as the Mets do have some good players, but the injury bug could bite the Mets in the end of the season. The Mets have Yoenis Cespedes projected to start in left, Brandon Nimmo is supposed to start in center and the right fielder is projected to be held by Michael Conforto. When it comes to the backups the left field is backed up by J.D.Davis, JakeMarisnick backs up in center and Brandon Nimmo the starter in center is the back up in right field.Cespedes last season did not play a lot with only 38 games played, but hit at a clip of .262, 9 homers, and only brought home 29 runners. Nimmo for his part played in 69 games while hitting at a clip of .221 with a total of 8 homers and brought home 29 runners. Conforto for his part played in 151 games and hit at a clip of .257 on the year while finding the stands 33 times and bringing home 92 runners.

New York Mets Prediction

The Mets are one team that has been able to build up quite a bit of talent, but at the same time the Mets are a team that has had some issues in getting the wins strung together well enough to be seen as a major threat. Some of that stems from the injuries, but others come from the different issues that the Mets have had in winning consistently with either the bullpen blowing the game or the starters simply not performing well enough. One thing that has been consistent for the Mets is the run production, which will help the Mets land a top 3 spot this year in the NL East.

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