2020 Los Angeles Dodgers Preview – MLB Preview & Prediction



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2020 Los Angeles Dodgers Preview – MLB Preview & Prediction

Dodgers PickThe Dodgers have to be one of the favorites to potentially win the NL West yet again. The Dodgers have ended up playing great in the recent past and are actually one of the favorites that could potentially win the World Series .With that being the case, it would be interesting to see if the Dodgers did enough in the off season to move on potentially to the contention that the Dodgers should be able to do rather easily based off of what the Dodgers are projected to do.

Los Angeles Dodgers Starters

Now, the starting rotation for the Dodgers is looking to play great just like last year. The ace for the Dodgers is projected to be Clayton Kershaw. Walker Buehler, David Price, Julio Urias, and Alex Wood are the pitchers who are projected to follow up in the rotation for the Dodgers. Last season Kershaw threw in 29 games and started 28 of those. He threw 178.1 innings on the year and ended up with a 16-5 record while posting a 3.03 ERA and struck out 189 batters.

Los Angeles Dodgers Relievers

With the relievers the Dodgers are looking to have a decent relief pitchers. The bullpen will be consistent with Blake Treinen, Pedro Baez, Joe Kelly, Caleb Ferguson, and Scott Alexander projected to staff the bullpen. When it comes to the closing role Kenley Jansen is projected to be the closer. Last season Jansen threw in 62 games and completed a total of 63 innings while striking out 80 batters. Jansen did post a 3.71 ERA and ended up with a 5-3 record with 33 saves, but he did end up blowing 8 saves on the season.


Los Angeles Dodgers Catchers

For the Dodgers the catching position is going to be held by Will Smith, not the actor, as the starter. Austin Barnes is coming in as the backup for the Dodgers. Will Smith last year played in a total of 54 games and hit at a clip of .253 with 15 homers and managed to get 42 RBIs on the year. When it comes to throwing out the base runners he ended up getting only 23.1% of the runners thrown out.

Los Angeles Dodgers Corners

Playing on the corners for the Dodgers will be pretty much the same as last season. Max Muncy is slated to start at first and at third base the Dodgers are projected to have Justin Turner starting. The backup for third is Chris Taylor and the backup for first base is Joc Pederson. When it comes to last season Muncy played in 151 games and hit at a clip of .251 with 35 homers and brought in 98 runners.  Last year Justin Turner ended up playing in 135 games and hit at a clip of only .290 with 27 homers and 67 runners brought home on the year.

Los Angeles Dodgers Middle Infield

Manning the middle of the infield for the Dodgers will be Gavin Lux at second base and at short will be Corey Seager. The backup at each position will be Lux backing up at short and Chris Taylro backing up at second base. Last season Lux ended up playing in 23 games and only hit at a clip of .240 with 2 homers and a total of 9 runners brought home. Last season Seager ended up playing in a total of 134 games and hit a clip of .272 with 19 homers and brought in 87 runners.

Los Angeles Dodgers Outfield

The outfield for Los Angeles will be manned by Joc Pederson in left, Cody Bellinger in center, and Mookie Betts in right field. The backup sees Pederson backing up in right field. The bacup in center and left is projected to be A.J. Pollock. Last year Pederson ended up playing in 149 games and hit at a clip of .249 with 36 homers and 74 runners brought home. Center field is looked to be handled by Bellinger who played in 156 games and ended up with an average of .305 with 47 homers and 115 runners brought home. Mookie Betts on the season played in 150 games and hit at a clip of .295 with 29 homers and brought home 80 runners.

Los Angeles Dodgers Predictions

This year the Dodgers are definitely one of those teams that will be able to come into the year and are favored to win the division and potentially the World Series. That will definitely help the Dodgers out in the season and with the way the Dodgers are stacked it will give the Dodgers a great chance to win the title here. Look for the Dodgers to come in strong and with the way the team is able to jump out of the gate early on continue to dominate the season and win all the way to the end.

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